Kill Your Darlings


Many books on writing mention that sometimes you have to kill your darlings. Darlings being paragraphs or scenes that the author loves, but really don’t work in the overall book.

Well, that happened to me today. In book 8, tentatively titled A Crimson Sky For Dying, I had a scene where the protagonist gets chased behind a back yard, falls or jumps into a canal (in south Florida), and swims across to the other side. He’s bleeding and has to worry about alligators. (I lived on a canal in south Florida that had a resident alligator I saw every morning).

I had thought up this scene early on in the creation of the book, and I enjoyed writing it. BUT…it caused me a huge problem because he had been taking pictures (he’s a private-eye), and how could the camera and film not get ruined in the water, etc…etc…etc.

So, this morning, I had to face the fact that my darling scene had to go! It wasn’t easy. I’m still in mourning.



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