This Morning’s Precipice

I feel like I’m standing on a very high cliff. I’m looking down into a misty void. Why? I need to spend today sorting out the many characters in my half finished novel A Crimson Sky For Dying. I’ll be focusing on two people today. Dixie – a private detective’s wife. I need to identify every page she is on and make sure her character arc is fully developed. Then, Billy – right now he is locked in a room with his left hand bandaged. He needs to talk to Rosa, the cook. She is going to tell him things that will not make his day.

This is my 3rd Archie Archibald novel. It’s fun to go back and write how he became a private eye in 1984. He first appeared in The Black Orchid Mystery, then last November in Unsafe Harbor.

At this stage in my first draft, every day is like stepping off a precipice. I find that I enjoy the uncontrollable falling feeling because I never know what branch I’ll reach out for to save me. Well, yes I do. I’m an outliner, so I have a pretty well defined idea of how high the cliff is.




via Daily Prompt: Precipice

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